Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life is Great...But Could Be Better...

I will be 25 next month...I have a college degree from a great University (MSU...GO SPARTANS) I have been working Full-Time at Flagstar Bank as a Loan Counselor (Helping people with mortgages stay out of foreclosure...yeah in this ressesion..it's hard) for the past yr and half...which I am very thankful to have considering what our world is in right now. I have a great boyfriend who I am head over heels in love with!

But, I want more...I deserve more. Unfortunatley, I am still living with my parents and 4 sisters (Yeah, can you say FULL HOUSE) to save money so I can move to Chicago. Yes, Chicago! That's actually where my boyfriend lives. Yup, I am in MI and he is in IL and we have been doing the "long distance thing" for a lil over 2 years now...and you know what? Its been great!

I have been searching for a job there for the past 7 months now. I have now saved plenty of money so when I do find something I will have enough to get my own place and be settled nice until I get that first check from my new job...but things haven't been playing out my way. I have been having some interviews but nothing goes my way after that. Maybe its not my time? Maybe not, but I freakin hope it comes soon because I am sooo ready! I am ready to get out there on my own...I miss having my own place (I had an apartment and roommate when I was in college...miss it too much). I am sick and tired of arguing with my damn parents and sisters about the same damn shit over and over! I am GROWN!

And there's my boyfriend...the love of my life. He is 34...will be 35 a week after my birthday! (Yup, we are 10 years apart) We are both Gemini's! He also has 2 sons: Chris is 16 and Xavier is 9 and I love them like crazy! (They are both Gemini's too (I think when me and my man get married we are going to have babies around the same time as our birthdays so we can have a Gemini Family! lol). I have been keeping a secret about him from my family. It wasn't supposed to be this way...but I go and see him in Chicago a couple times a month and for some reason my mom gets soo pissed! So she started saying he's a dog and why can't I find a man here in MI and this and that..but why can't people be happy for me. I am grown and its my choice who I want to be with. No one has to be with him or fall in love with him but me so whats the freakin problem.

I actually got a job offer 2 months after I started dating him (I know...pretty damn quick to move near someone) and it was such a good job. But I didn't get the support I needed from my family. My mother told it if I moved there that would the most dumbest thing I ever did! Are you serious? I got a great job offer...it was a training position...salary and I was moving out of your house (Which is what she ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS screamed to me about) and now you don't want me to take it? Hmmm. Weird. That is still the thing I really regret...not taking that job.

But some months ago, I start hearing other rumors from my cousins saying they think my bf is MARRIED! Married? WOW! I keep asking myself why is my relationship with my man on everyone's minds? I dont understand why people can't be happy for me.

But, I am going to continue being me. I am going to continue being happy and being in love. It will get better for me. One day I will find a job in Chicago and I will take it and move there! I will get married and raise my family there...one day...everything will change...


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