Friday, April 24, 2009

My New Hobby

Little gurls have thought about it.

As a teenager, I have fantasized about it and “played” the part in my head.

Now as a woman, I can’t wait until the Big Day.

Yes, I am talking about my own wedding. It’s a joyous day many people (Not all) can’t wait for. When I was young I couldn’t wait to fall in love and now that I am in love, I can’t wait for my boyfriend to propose.

The other week I was driving in my car and was listening to Kenny G.’s Greatest Hits (2007) and I came across the song, “Innocence”…and I absolutely fell in love! As I got to work, I told my co-worker about this great song…then it hit me. “I can write all my ideas down so I won’t forget for my own wedding day…IN A SCRARPBOOK! I was soo freakin excited about this I had to tell someone…unfortunately it was a man. After I told him what I have planned to do you know what he told me? He looked straight at me and said, “You should read the Steve Harvey book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment”. Now, since I was not up-to-date with the latest book releases celebrities are having nowadays so I certainly had no clue on what he was talking about. He then continued to say, “You really need to read this book. I have it and I am reading it and I will let you borrow it.” So now I tell him “That has nothing to do with what I just said…what are you talking about?” My co-worker then went on to say that it’s a really good book and will teach me about how men really think.

At this point, I am getting pretty irritated because I know where this conversation is going. So I begin a new conversation with another co-worker and ask her about this book. She then explains about the purpose:

In Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve lets women inside the mindset of a man and sheds lights on concepts and questions such as:

—The Ninety Day Rule: Ford requires it of its employees. Should you require it of your man?

—How to spot a mama's boy and what if anything you can do about it.

—When to introduce the kids. And what to read into the first interaction between your date and your kids.

—The five questions every woman should ask a man to determine how serious he is.

So, basically this book is about how men feel about women and commitments. Therefore, my co-worker was referring to a lot of different things:

1) My man doesn’t really love me

2) He is not committed to me

3) He is not ready for marriage

4) Or he was trying to hoe me in front on my colleagues.

Immediately I was offended. All I told this person was that I wanted to started a Wedding Planning Scrapbook and he basically tells me I really don’t know what my man really feels for me…basically he doesn’t love me and this book will give me the signs and reasons why! Who does this guy think he is? How about is he between 43-50. Not married. Maybe…not in a relationship. DOESN’T EVEN BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE…so, therefore, he probably doesn’t believe he should be committed to anyone. And why is he reading this book? Maybe he needs to find out some shit about his own damn self! But he can CERTAINLY preach to me and anyone else that will listen what THEY should do in their relationships. Which is pretty crazy to me.

Let me clarify this…on the record. This Wedding Planning Scrapbook is for me. It’s for my ideas and my thoughts that I want written down. So, when I do become engaged and when I (Because I will) start planning my wedding, I will have everything I need and everything will be in place…I WILL have my colors, my flowers, my music, my table displays, my bridesmaids…EVERYTHING WILL BE IN THIS BOOK! It has nothing to do with my boyfriend, but everything to do with me. Maybe I won’t marry my boyfriend (I hope to God I do) and if I don’t…my Scrapbook will still be with me because it will be what I WANT IN MY FUCKING WEDDING!

I just hope this clarified for everyone out there. I really don’t care about what people think, but this situation really made me angry.

P.S. When I do get engaged…I will also set up a website and will be making ANOTHER Scrapbook that will display my pics of the wedding in a very beautiful way!


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