Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update On Muah

Wow, haven't blogged in awhile. Sorry you guys for being MIA. I've just been working like crazy. The transmission in my car is going so saving to buy another one. Work has been so stressful. Management is picking on the smallest things we do. I am very grateful and blessed to have a job but I am so ready to leave. I decided once I buy my car, I am going to give myself untill October to find something in Chicago to be with my boyfriend.

Not only do I hate going to work, I am starting to hate my living situation more and more everyday.  I am renting out a room in my parents house and I hate it. My younger sister is a damn brat and I am so tired of it of everyone throwing themselves at her and giving her want she want. I am not the one.

So her and I are not speaking and, you know what, I am okay with that...

 Right now, I am just focusing on doing my job right because right now I need it until the last day when I can say KISS MY ASS!



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