Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jumping The Broom


 So I FINALLY found someone who hasn't seen this movie and went to see it!

I am such a chick flick girl and was so excited to see this romantic comedy. And it was just that. It was defiantly entertaining. Great cast. I love Angela Bassett. She is an AMAZING AMAZING actress! 

There were some FINE ASS MEN in this movie! Everyone was fantastic to look at! lol

It was mainly about a young couple getting married. The 2 families never met before and has to put together a wedding in about a week (Could be wrong. I know it was a short period because the bride had to move to China soon for 3months for her job). Of course the mother's didn't like each other. And there is drama along the way...




Not who I will be

Loved it too! The men really are beautiful, and so are the women. Wonderful!!

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