Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

I had a great New Year's Eve!

Didn't go to the club. No party. Didnt even get really dressed up ... at all. I went over to my gurl house and we just drank and watched TV. Watched the ball drop. It was pretty fun. No drama, no fighting, just 2 bottles of wine and a gallon of Bacardi. I noticed it takes me a lot to get drunk. So gotmpretty tipsy and thats about it ... still had fun though.

I dont believe in making New Year Resolutions. Who actually keep those anyways? Never regret things you do. Just grow and try not to make the samer mistakes again.

I am hoping this year brings forth new possibilties, new opportunites and another chance to embrace new changes!

Each day I wake up God gives me another chance to be a better person, girlfriend, sister, daughter, best friend. Another day of being the best Child of God I can be! And I thank Him for that chance!

Hope you guys had a great night and have great opportunies ahead of you as well.


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