Monday, January 18, 2010

Taking It To The Next Step

I have been involved with my boyfriend for 3yrs on February 3rd. It has been a great relationship. We have had our rocky times but we have gotten through it together…and lasted. Even though I live in Michigan and he is in Chicago and were see each other once or twice a month, we are still together. Through the hurt (Not too much) and tears (Sad I couldn’t see him a lot).
Now I have come to a place where I am tired of not seeing my man every day. I want to sleep, cuddle, eat and play with him just like other couples do with each other. So I have decided its time. Its time to start applying for jobs, getting interviews and moving there so I can see him everyday! I am already in my process. He has obtained a new job as well which makes it even better.

Another big step I am leaning towards is moving in with him. He still lives in the same home he grew up in. He son stays in his old room. The home is paid for so we would go half on utilizes. I will be saving so much than if I rented my own. And you know what? I’m ready! And so is he. We know this is it and we are going to get married someday. I’m so excited I finally found the one and I feel so loved by him and I’m ready to start my life with him also. It’s just a great feeling and I just wanted to share that with you guys!

I’m extra excited for our Anniversary. I thought about doing something simple...Italian dinner and then off to a jazz/blues club. I also thought about getting something sexy for the night time when we everything is over. Maybe even something real slutty from Lover's Lane. I told my co-worker and she said I was doing too much! How is that doing too much? Dont every woman do something sexy for her man every once in awhile? Maybe cause she is 40yrs old and pretty old school and dont know nothing bout that...prob havent even done anything like that either! Who knows, but Im going to do what I want!!!

Night Bloggers!


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