Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pregnancy Epidemic

I am starting to get the feeling that not having a baby on your hip is not cool at all. And I rather not be in the “cool” club then!

There are so many people having babies today. There are more baby showers than wedding showers. Why is this? Why are so many young women getting pregnant? And the bigger question is why most of these “women” are young GIRLS?

And the bigger, BIGGER question…and this may be a little “vulgar”, so whoever doesn’t like “vulgarness” (Is this is a word?) read down, but why are girls letting these boys bust in them? If they don’t know about ANYTHING else, KNOW SPERM WILL GET YOU KNOCKED UP! I lost my virginity at 18yrs old. Now I am 25 and to this day NO MAN has ever busted in me. Maybe I didn’t save myself for my husband but I will save my vagina from being inflated with cum (Excuse my language) by any man!!! That will be by my husband fo sho.

Do young teen keep getting pregnant because they are not being educated? Are their parents not having “the talk” with them? Are schools not offering sex education? Do they just hear “Don’t do it” and not hear about the consequences that come after? Or do they just don’t give a flying f*ck!

These girls are getting younger and younger. My lil cousin had a baby last year. She was 14yrs old when she became pregnant. She hid her pregnancy for months until she couldn’t anymore. She was 5mths pregnant when she finally told her mother. No doctor appointments, no pre-natal vitamins. Nothing at all. Unfortunately, the baby came out with many deformities. He had a cleft lip and deformed feet and legs. He wouldn’t be able to walk. He is not even 1 yet and they had to cut off one leg because they couldn’t save it. He would probably be in a wheelchair. My mother, whom is a RN, believes it was because sometimes people DNA’s doesn’t go together and they can have deformed babies. I think it was because she never took vitamins. She never went to go see a doctor and if it was because of their DNA, maybe there was something that could have been done to treat. Maybe she didn’t know. She is young. A kid. Why in the world are these kids thinking about sex?

If they don’t know about how important doctor appointments and vitamins are, I’m sure they have no clue on STD’s, HIV and AIDS. My boyfriend and I were just discussing how AIDS is growing in African Americans between the ages of 25-45 now. This is so sad and our kids to be informed…if they have…inform them more!

Even these older couples don’t know what they are doing. I have this guy I have known since middle school. He has always wanted to have a closer relationship. And we could have gone though but it never happened, plus he was always in a relationship. Always cheating on his girlfriends. Never know him to be faithful…maybe in the beginning. Couple weeks ago he told me he has a new apartment and wants me to come over and see it. Since I have been n a relationship, I always decline offers from men to “hang out”. Let’s face it. I know what it means and it defiantly doesn’t have anything to do with watching TV. So I said no but we can still meet up and maybe go out to lunch (or the record, he STILL has gave me a date or place so now I know I was RIGHT!) and he said fine. Days go by and he tells me he got some girl knocked up and they are getting MARRIED! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! You were just begging me to come over (Yes, he kept asking and wasn’t giving up) I told him he is a joke. He was just asking me to come over while he knew he had a girlfriend and a baby on the way! I told him he aint ready for marriage and he needs to be real with himself. Maybe it wasn’t my place but hey…he wrong, an ass and he know it. I’m sure I won’t be the last girl he cheats on his “baby momma” with.

Why aren’t we using condoms? Why aren’t we spreading this to these kids? Because you know what? We need to STOP telling them to not have sex. They are going to do what they want. We need to sit them down and educate them. Show them how to put on a condom. Show them pictures of STD’s and how they look untreated. Show the deformed babies. Have them talk to someone living with HIV/AIDS.

Something needs to change. Let’s make it happen with that 1st conversation.


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