Saturday, July 2, 2011

11yrs Of Friendship Over

So a couple of blogs ago, I blogged about a friendship of mine deteriorating. Today it finally died.

I guess, since I have been working a lot to buy another car, I haven't been going out a lot and keeping up with my friends. Today on Twitter, someone, who I thought was my best friend, tweeted "I CAN'T with that sometimey friend shit!"  

I thought...oh no whats goin on now? She then tweets "Anyways #unfollows and moves on with life". So I decided to go to read her timeline to read who she is talking about. I then see that she unfollowed ME! 

And then I guessed someone asked her what was wrong because she said "lol nothing just had to erased this fake photoshop hoe out my timeline" (Which I knew she was talking about me because I do photo-shop my pictures to make me look a little darker since I am so PALE)

 I couldn't believe it! I then text her and ask if she was talking about me and what I did. She said I am always ignoring her and other people notice too. I text her back that I am sorry but I am working like crazy to buy another car. I am stressed at home and work and just don't have time to go out. I said by her Timeline (Her Twitter page for those that don't know the Twitter lingo) she is always going out with her new friends so doesn't seem she is missing me so much. Her dad just bought her a nice Focus. Unfortunately, my parents can't do that for me (And now do I want them to. I am a grown ass woman). 

I have bills and things I need to do. I have to make a living.

I text her I have known her for over 11yrs and because she thinks I am ignoring her, Im a hoe?!?! 

Last text to her: I'm out your life like you want. Hope that makes you happy...

She hasn't texted me back. I really hope she feels bad...which she should... 


Not who I will be

People like that are not worth your time. You're better off for not having her in your life any more. My neighbor who I grew up with MY WHOLE LIFE, is like that. I had to really cut her out though, and although I try and remain civil with her, our houses are now feuding and she's giving me the douchey cold shoulder again, like I give a flying fuck!

Do you mama, those who aren't on board with that can get in their own little boat and sink.

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