Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Mechanic Wanted

I have had only one car. My first car. 1990 Buick Lasabre. Had it almost 2yrs.

My sister is dating and older man who is a licensed mechanic. He is very good at his work. One big problem: He is EXTREMLY rude!

He yells. He calls me retarded. Embarrasses me in front of other male mechanics. It’s really horrible. He is also always late even when I make appointments with him.

This last time I called him 8am. Told him I was getting my car towed to his shop. Got there at 9:30 and he still wasn’t here. Called him and phone went straight to voice mail. I’m so tired of this man! Where is the professionalism? Where is my smile? I give him good service. Always here on time and I still get a horrible attitude.

Last summer I had enough. For whatever reason he called me a retard and I said “Hell naw!” I talked to some people and went to someone else. He did a great job on my car but 5months later after a heated argument with my sisters she yelled to stop calling Chris (The other mechanic) and that he doesn’t want me. I guess he told his gf who told my sister I was hitting on him! Can u believe that? Yes, we had a conversation while he worked on my car (In his driveway) so there wouldn’t be awkward silence and that’s what I got. So I closed the book on that guy too!

I feel like I can’t catch a break! I want a good mechanic because my car is so old and don’t want anyone to mess it up. I try to help the brothas out in the hood and myself as well to get a cheaper price, but at what cost? So I can be yelled at and men thinking I want them?

I decided I’m just goin to a car shop now. Even if I got to pay more, at least they will have a smile on their face which puts a smile on mine!


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