Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paralegal Studies Update

I went to visit Northwesten College in Chicago, IL last weekend. It’s a community college. Such a small school! It was so small it shared a parking lot with McDonald’s!

But, it was a nice school. It was 1200 students. Usually 15 students per class. I met with a nice woman from the admissions department and automatically got accepted because I have a BA. Its a very short program. She wanted me to start in June and I will be done by November but I want more time to continue work to save more money so I decided to start in September. Therefore, I WILL FINALLY BE MOVING TO CHICAGO IN AUGUST!!!!

After 3yrs of being with my boyfriend, I will be with him. I’m excited. I am moving to be with him but I’m also moving because I believe there are also better career opportunities there as well. The job I have is not going anywhere and I hate it! Its time for me to move on.

Yay for me! Cant wait to start school!


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