Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Praise Him The Almighty GOD

Disclaimer: I know this is an extremely touchy subject. I will try to make this blog “nice” as possible but please be aware these are my opinions.

One day I was on Yahoo Messenger and was speaking to one of my Yahoo/New Xangan friend. He brought up the subject of "YHWH". I had no idea what it was. He refused to tell me and told me to look it up. So I Googled it. It basically means “True Name of our Creator”. I didn’t say much after this but…”Ok okay”.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a Christian. I believe in God, our Lord Jesus with all my heart. I was brought up in a Baptist church, baptized and still participate in church when I am not working so much. My parents even met each other in the same church I go to now. All my relatives and grandparents go there. So you can say, I am a religious person.

He then went on and described “YHWH”…that it is was written down by Moses before he freed the captives of Israel from Egypt and that it is the “proper” name of God.

I read his Blog about it, here on Xanga, and he was including things from the Wikipedia Dictionary. Which I thought was thought was weird because if I were trying to persuade someone to believe something about God, I don’t know, I would look in the Bible. Not in the dictionary for concrete evidence. It’s all right there! Im just saying, you could find anything in the dictionary.

Being the Christian that I am I then told him, “That’s great. I am happy for you that you have found what you were looking for, but I am still going to pray to my God.” He then got angry and said, “You’re not ready to learn!” I even think he said something about being "brainwashed"...

First off, the 2 things I will never EVER debate about are RELIGION & POLITICS! Both are very controversial and I just rather agree to disagree because those topics will never go anywhere but to anger and grief and I really don’t have the time. Yes, if someone wants to sit down and seriously talk about my beliefs in my God or if they would like for me to hear things about their God, I would talk and I would listen. I have even listened to Jehovah Witnesses (But only cause I didn’t want to be rude and walk away). But I will not sit down and listen to someone that is going to try and persuade me to deter from the God I have been praising and worshipping to for 25yrs (Or however the age when I accepted the Lord into my life) of my life. It’s not going to happen.

This man said he has always believed in God but now he has researched further and found He was called another name. But why just still continue to call Him God if They are the same person? Why change his name because you read what someone wrote down in the dictionary? But that’s just me.

I am happy my friend found what he is looking for, but, please do not get angry and tell me “I am not ready”. I am not disagreeing that what he has researched is wrong. But I will say, I dont believe in it and dont want to hear anymore. So I said "Let's agree to disagree".

I have a very strong faith with MY God. I was always ready, been ready and can't wait to go home to be with my Lord because He is the ONLY one that will judge me on Judgment Day. I will believe what I want and he (my friend) will want he wants, but at the end only One Man Will Judge Us All! You can call Him whatever names if you want...to me he always was and always will be GOD.

Thank You & Amen!


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