Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Is Good

Been doing great. Working and saving money. I have now decided to move to Chicago 2nd week in Aug and I start school for Paralegal Studies on Sep 9 at Northwestern College in Chicago.

My 26th irthday will be here May 23rd and I am having a big Birthday Bash on May 22nd on the Detroit Princess boat Downtown Detroit. I am plannning on losing 30lbs by then so I can look sexier than EVER WITH A FANASTIC DRESS!!! I cant wait and the closer I get the more excited I am.

My boyfriend is comign down to celebrate with me nd FINALLY meet my parents. Its been over 3 yrs so its due time.

I am just so happy. Im happy for my life, health and strength and that God gives me the strength to face another day to be a better Child of His, a better friend, sister and daughter. Life is worth so much value and we take it for granted.

With more news, my co-worker quit last Friday. She got her check and said peace out! Its more to the story:

She came here about 8yrs ago on a work transfer from General Motors from Ohio then they laid her off after 4yrs and she found a job where I work. Her whole family is in Ohio...her mom, her boyfriend...who just proposed...her siblings. So she has planned to move...just had a lease she was stuck with and now the lease ran out and she had to be out in a week so she bounced. I am so happy for her. Not only did she leave a job she didnt even like...she went for what was in her heart. She got tired of playing the long distance game with her man and travelign back and forth to see him and her mom. She gave me inspiration for real. I cant wait to say peace out to my job! Counting down the days!


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