Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Update

So haven't blogged in awhile. Hope everyone is doing well. Had a great Birthday. Unfortunatley, my boyfriend couldnt make it. Couldnt find a babysitter. I was pretty angry with him aboout this. I reminded him a month before and kept reminding him until he got tired of me to start asking people to babysit.

But, of course, he still waited until the LAST min to ask anyone and his sister couldnt do it.

I still had a great time. I went to a jazz lougne, to a lame club then off to place where people go after the clubs end...it was a raggae place where people "smoked" and danced. I dont "smoke" but it was different and fun....

Saving up to move is becoming very difficult. Unforunately, another car out the question. So I will have take my same old ass car with me. Im going to rent an U-haul and put the car on the back of it because I dont thik it will get there alone...

But I getting excited. Im going back to Chicago next week and to sign up for Paralegal classes to start in Sep and to confirm how much Financial Aid I will recieve. Im so exicted!!!!

Now I am more focused on saving money and preparing myself to move!


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